Midsummer Run 2021

Midsummer Run Europe 2021

We’re running with the rising sun – virtually – together!

The first Europe-wide Midsummer-Run will start on your very own doormat at sunrise on June 21st, 2021. Compete with runners from all over Europe!


How it works: Take your favourite route, run the distance you previously registered for and track your performance. As soon as the first ray of sunlight touches a European capital’s soil (in Oslo at 3:53 a.m.), we will upload a motivational video and the obligatory sound of the starting pistol to our Facebook page so that you will still be able to enjoy the spirit of competition. Once the sun rises in your city, you are good to go. After finishing the run, you only have to upload your tracked time and a couple of hours later you can see your own results, compare with friends and family and find out which European country has the fastest midsummer runners. Same old, new normal!

We added an overview of the different hours of sunrise for your reference as to when you should start. You have time until 9 a.m. (CEST) to upload your measured time manually and with a screenshot by following the upload link from your registration email. Particularly important in times like these: Pay attention and obey the respective contact and distance regulations of your country or region.

The exclusive Midsummer-Run 2021 Package

delivered to you prior to the run.

What’s inside?
> exclusive Midsummer-Run t-shirt
> finisher medal
> individual bib number
> preprint of a finisher certificate
> after-workout sustenance: oatmeal, coffee, tea

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Starting time

The sun will rise in the east – that is for sure. But when does that happen on the longest day of the year? The question has as many answers as there are places on earth. The list below should serve you as a guideline. Starting five minutes earlier or later does not really make a difference but you would want to feel the first ray of sunlight for the real vibe. You should therefore note that the time can even differ for places that are not far apart from one another. It’s best if you look up the time of sunrise yourself – a search engine of your choice might be of help.



(local time)

Amsterdam 05:18
Athens 06:03
Berlin 04:43
Bern 05:35
Bratislava 04:51
Brussels 05:29
Budapest 04:46
Bucharest 05:31
Copenhagen 04:25
Dublin 04:57




(local time)

Helsinki 03:54
Lisbon 06:12
Ljubljana 05:11
London 04:43
Luxembourg 05:27
Madrid 06:45
Nicosia 05:33
Oslo 03:54
Paris 05:47
Prague 04:52




(local time)

Riga 04:29
Rome 05:35
Sofia 05:49
Stockholm 03:31
Tallinn 04:03
Valletta 05:46
Vienna 04:54
Vilnius 04:42
Warsaw 04:41
Zagreb 05:06


How does it work?

1. Registration



Register for one of the listed distances.

  • You’re welcome to print out your bib number (which we will send with the registration confirmation email) and wear it during your run.
  • Embrace the opportunity and treat yourself to one of the exclusive Midsummer-Run finisher packages when you register.

2. Run and track yourself


Start on the distance you chose from home.

  • There will be a virtual starting signal on Facebook at the earliest time of sunrise in Europe.
  • A couple minutes delay won’t matter as long as you remain within the upload window (ending at 9 a.m. CEST).
  • Take your own time for the chosen distance using a smartwatch or a tracking app.
  • Matter of honour: Everyone runs on their own so please be honest in measuring your time for the sake of sportsmanlike behaviour.
  • >> More information on ‘How do I take my time?’

3. Upload your results


Let us know your measured time.

  • You will find a link for uploading your time in the registration confirmation email. Please follow this link on the day of the event before the upload deadline of 9 a.m. (CEST).
  • Send us a screenshot of your tracking app or a picture of the results on your smartwatch.
  • We are looking forward to getting lots of finisher pictures on our Facebook page.

4. Check the results list


Look up your results in the rankings.

  • On our website ‘midsummer-run.com’ you will find the list of results one hour after the upload deadline on the day of the event.
  • Depending on the distance, there will be age range as well as m/f rankings online.
  • You can print out your personalised finisher certificate at home.


5 km Run

7,5 km Run

10 km Run


Basic package

5,- EUR

  • bib number to print out at home
  • list of results & rankings
  • online finisher certificate for you to download
  • a joint event with runners from all over Europe
  • fitness and health 
  • conquering your inner self
  • the hot shower afterwards
  • early birds seize the day

Premium package in the exclusive Midsummer-Run edition

29,50 EUR*

  • bib number
  • list of results & rankings
  • finisher certificate preprint on high-quality paper
  • exclusive Midsummer-Run finisher medal
  • exclusive Midsummer-Run sports t-shirt
  • wake-up coffee and te
  • a joint event with runners from all over Europe
  • oatmeal
  • fitness and health 
  • conquering your inner self
  • the hot shower afterwards
  • early birds seize the day

We will start shipping about 10 days before the event. Be prepared for longer wait times than usual though due to effects of the pandemic.

* For countries which are not part of the European Union or with which there is no free trade agreement: Small import duties may apply per recipient country which have to be paid to the respective parcel delivery company.


– Fastest Runner – international (m/f)

– Fastest Runner – national (m/f)

– Ranking by age group

– Ranking by nation (average time)


Deadlines for uploading your time

All results have to be uploaded by 9 a.m. (CEST) using the upload link from the registration confirmation email. Below you find a list of when this will be depending on where you live.

Local time 08:00 Uhr 09:00 Uhr 10:00 Uhr
Ireland Austria Bulgaria
Portugal Belgium Estonia
Great Britain Croatia Finland
Denmark Greece
France Lithuania
Czech Republic



Time limitations 

  1. Run the chosen distance on the designated day of the event.
  2. Should you track a shorter distance than chosen and registered for, we are unfortunately obliged to disqualify you (DNF).
  3. Should you run a little farther than chosen and registered for, we will still take your tracked time.
  4. The tracked time and corresponding screenshot of proof have to be uploaded before the upload deadline (9 a.m. CEST).


  1. Take enough water with you on your run.
  2. Pay attention and adhere to the current legal provisions concerning freedom of movement.
  3. Only participate when you feel fit and healthy.